|June 2017|

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Almost halfway through the year. June is coming to a close. Lots of family time spent together. 

Recap of some family festivities in June. 

Chocolate milk mouth and dirt… ALL boy. Rhett would spend hours and hours outside just playing in the dirt, with his toys, or in the shop with his dad. 

We traveled to Weatherford, OK to see my in-laws for a few days and spent Father’s Day there. The last picture is of my husband and father in law. Love. I can’t help but think in about 5 years, this will be Rhett and Tommy. 

We have been doing some yard renovations and moving rock and dirt around; Rhett was in charge of driving the mower with the trailer. He had so much fun. He picked wildflowers for me & helped me arrange them for my entryway. Fun in the sprinkler and feeding chickens. A very HOT, HOT Sunday outside. 

Last, but certainly not least.. I have been seeing a personal trainer since February to help motivate me and get me back in shape and back to my “pre-baby body”. [Yes, I am fully aware my child is three already] 

I can’t say this enough. With all of the negativity in the world today, I have to step back and focus on the good in my life and be thankful for the life I live. July will be all about focusing on the good in MY life. For me. For my family. 

Until then,

We Are The Marshall’s 

|Then Comes Marriage|

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In a perfect world it is supposed to be “first comes love, then comes marriage, then comes a baby in a baby carriage”, right? Yeah, well… we aren’t perfect and this sure isn’t a perfect world. A little over four years ago I was set up on a “blind date” with Tommy by one of my closest friends who worked with him. There was an instant connection, or maybe it was the alcohol talking, but whatever the case, we hit it off and I have absolutely adored every minute with him. Okay, okay, enough mushy stuff, I promise. (Well, for now)

In August of 2013, I found out I was pregnant. [Happy Birthday to me! – long (somewhat funny) story that I’ll blog about later] Then later sometime in September, Tommy and I were on our way back home from my sister’s wedding in San Antonio, TX and we both just had a thought, “Hey, let’s stop by Zales and see what they have”. I was not even expecting to purchase an engagement ring, but he did. It was one of those oh, so romantic proposals. You know the kind, right? The “I guess we need to get married now” proposals. By that statement I do not mean that we were forced, because the Lord knows if I didn’t want to marry this man, I sure as heck wouldn’t. Timing kind of worked out great for us, although we weren’t in the “perfect world” order of doing things. We were engaged… and I was pregnant and I was completely in love. Anyways, a few months later I found out I was having a little boy and after a short conversation one night on the front porch with Tommy, we decided to name this sweet little boy, Rhett William Marshall.  The night of March 23, 2014 I was scheduled to be induced so I headed to the hospital with my posse – my family, Tommy’s family, we all loaded up and went and were prepared to have Rhett by the next morning, but apparently this boy was not ready to make his appearance when we wanted him to and after two days, yes, that is correct, you read it right, two days in labor I decided to have a cesarean section. March 25, 2014 our little bundle of joy was here. Finally! He was perfect!


Months have passed, Rhett is growing, I’ve gone back to work, and the date we set for our wedding [September 19, 2015] is fast approaching. All the little details really do take a lot of time, and word to the wise, if you plan on spending a certain amount of money, expect to spend more. Staying within a wedding budget is really hard work (for me at least), especially if you want EVERYTHING for that fairytale wedding you’ve always dreamed of. I got my fairytale, my King and my little prince. I am truly blessed.

Our small, intimate, outdoor wedding turned into a large one, and quickly at that, especially with both of our large families combined and The Savannah in Sulphur Springs, TX was the perfect place for all of us to gather. After a romantic ceremony, fabulous food, great music and lots of dancing, our life as a married couple had begun, and it could not have been started any other way. It was our way and We are The Marshall’s.


[photo credit: Amie Wood]