|Entry Redo|

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Our entry has been blah for pretty much the entire time we have lived at our house. We added paint and a new light fixture, but it wasn’t enough. I wanted to brighten it up and make it inviting! 

We came across a hell of a deal at Lowe’s over the weekend that we couldn’t pass up. HARDWOOD floors that were originally $75 a box for only $25 a box! 

Now, if only we could have replaced the flooring in our entire house. Anywho, quick, easy install. It looks absolutely gorgeous. I told my husband I wanted to move my chair to the front entry and just live there. 

We created faux shiplap by cutting a 4×8 piece of 5mm plywood into strips of 6 inches and spacing it about a nickel’s width apart. 

I went through and painted in between the cracks with a brush and then rolled the rest. I had a light yellow color behind the planks so I didn’t have to paint the wall before installing the faux shiplap. *YAY*

Check out how great it turned out. Let me know what you think!



All in all, this entire entry way project with flooring, closet door, faux shiplap, and paint [we already had the trim] cost less than $200. SCORE!

Our next work in project is the front door. We have stripped the paint from it and will be staining it. Before and afters coming soon ๐Ÿ™‚

Until the next door opens,

We Are The Marshall’s

|Bathroom Reno Reveal|

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Ya’ll… The guest bathroom isย done(~ish)! Done enough to post! [We lack painting the open shelving] It has been long over due, and I am so glad that it is functioning. Three people and one bathroom under one roof just doesn’t cut it for me. Especially with me being the only girl in the house! [I need my space.]

First off, please keep in mind that we gutted this bathroom [top to bottom], which is why it took fooooorrrreeevvver! So worth it in the end.

During Demo: What a mess!

Replacing and installing insulation in the subfloor.

Floor ductwork and platform built for AC unit.

Moving light fixtures and putting up headboard ceiling.

Shiplap everywhere! ๐Ÿ™‚

Floor leveler down and sanded. Flooring installed.

Cement board for tiled shower installed & remaining shiplap installed.

Tile Installation, Grouting and Sealing.

Finishing Touches.


And Voila! We have a functioning bathroom! :]

Until the next renovation,
We Are The Marshall’s


|But First, Coffee|

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After a long, productive weekend, I currently am lying in bed watching reruns of The Kitchen. Work in the morning is going to come entirely too soon; exhaustion now, exhaustion later. 

Today consisted of absolutely nothing but housework [lots of housework], homework and catching up on some shirt orders. Yes, you read that correctly, โ€ขshirt ordersโ€ข!! I am finally able to kick start my Cricut adventure & branch off into the t shirt & home decor vinyl’ing business. [totally made that word up] I ordered a heat press from Amazon last week because I just wanted to expand the amount of things I could make and ultimately sell. For well under $300, I was able to make my life a little easier.

With that, my 9pm “bedtime” has now extended to almost midnight because I’ve been trying to get caught up on shirts. This super fun hobby has now transformed into a small, very small, side business that I thoroughly love. However, I foresee several cups of coffee in the morning to keep me going. 

Enjoy the joys in the upcoming week. 

xoxo, We Are The Marshall’s