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Almost halfway through the year. June is coming to a close. Lots of family time spent together. 

Recap of some family festivities in June. 

Chocolate milk mouth and dirt… ALL boy. Rhett would spend hours and hours outside just playing in the dirt, with his toys, or in the shop with his dad. 

We traveled to Weatherford, OK to see my in-laws for a few days and spent Father’s Day there. The last picture is of my husband and father in law. Love. I can’t help but think in about 5 years, this will be Rhett and Tommy. 

We have been doing some yard renovations and moving rock and dirt around; Rhett was in charge of driving the mower with the trailer. He had so much fun. He picked wildflowers for me & helped me arrange them for my entryway. Fun in the sprinkler and feeding chickens. A very HOT, HOT Sunday outside. 

Last, but certainly not least.. I have been seeing a personal trainer since February to help motivate me and get me back in shape and back to my “pre-baby body”. [Yes, I am fully aware my child is three already] 

I can’t say this enough. With all of the negativity in the world today, I have to step back and focus on the good in my life and be thankful for the life I live. July will be all about focusing on the good in MY life. For me. For my family. 

Until then,

We Are The Marshall’s 


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The day for rest and worship. The day to be with family. The day to refuel for the week ahead. The day to love.

As we are relaxing and having a very, very lazy Sunday, Rhett is running around the house like the rambunctious two year old he is. The sound of laughter and squeals fill the house. Pure joy. [and maybe a little aggravation because I can’t hear the tv over his bellowing voice] I’m really not mad. I can’t be.

He comes running into the living room with a pair of pants that he wishes to put on, we oblige. He runs off back into his room and then back in the living room with us, this time with a onesie. He insists on putting it on. How can you not love it? Even if he looks completely ridiculous. He was so proud of the decision he made with his outfit, I hope he continues to be proud with every decision he makes as he continues to grow up and become a young man, but for now, he can stay my sweet little boy.

“This is the day the Lord has made; let us rejoice and be glad in it.” โ€ขPsalms 118:24


We Are The Marshall’s