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Tommy turned thirty! I am so blessed to be able to share this milestone with him & the many more to come! Happy birthday babe! :] I took him on a cruise for his birthday since we don’t really care for “material” things, we like to make MEMORIES! It was such a fun time; I cannot wait to go again.

My •almost• favorite part of cruising is the FOOD & DRINKS! We love to try new things and just junk out all the time & not feel guilty about it. 🙂 Since we live in Texas, we always sail out of Galveston, and that port doesn’t offer very many travel options so we opted to fly to LA and sail from Long Beach.


Our first stop was Catalina Island, California [also known as Avalon]. This is such a super small island, there really isn’t much to do, but the views are spectacular! We walked the entire island and shopped in the first couple of hours that we were at port. The wind and tide were high, so it was super chilly and we were unable to swim at the beach, but that’s okay, we enjoyed the quiet atmosphere this small island provided.



Last and final port: Ensenada, Mexico. This place was •beautiful•. We didn’t buy an excursion on the cruise through Carnival, but as soon as we got off of the boat and took a bus in to town, we decided to purchase from a  local vendor. We went on the La Bufadora Tour, which was about 35 minutes south of Ensenada. It was a quiet ride on the tour bus, with lots of information given from our tour guide. In La Bufadora, there are approximately 300 shops and home to one of the world’s largest geysers! Since we went first thing in the morning to see this “blow hole”, it wasn’t blowing at it’s peak, but it sure was a sight to see!

We met some great people from all across the United States on our cruise. There were several couples assigned to our dinner table each night roughly the same age as us. It was such a fun time each night interacting with these people and hearing stories about them.

Of course, I’m too cheap to purchase the pictures available on the cruise, because be honest, who wants to spend $18.95 for a 8×10 picture with no frame? Not me! So, I was able to take a few pictures of the pictures [with my cell phone] before I got caught & got in trouble! Ha! We call them our “glamour shots”. We laughed each night we took pictures because they were super posed and completely unnatural, but the few pictures I got, I love!

Even though we spent Thanksgiving day in an airport for over 5 hours waiting on our flight, didn’t get to eat a Thanksgiving meal with family, we enjoyed every minute of being gone. We sure missed being with Rhett though, and I’m pretty sure Rhett missed being with us! Saturday, the 26th, was Tommy’s actual birthday, so I decided to get up and cook him a traditional Thanksgiving meal, just for the three of us. I spent all morning and most of the early afternoon in the kitchen, but it was totally worth it.

Until our next adventure,

We Are The Marshall’s

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