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I have desperately needed to get a new lounge chair ever since Rhett became mobile. He has just destroyed my super comfy, had forever, most favorite, big fat chair. It started out as a small rip from moving it, and then little fingers started to pull it apart. And, well, you can only imagine … [or actually see because I’m posting a pic]

It’s pretty sad, right?

Well, after weeks of looking, I finally found THE chair. Wayfair had just what I needed! And a super reasonable price.. Check it out!

With such joy in this chair, comes a little bit of anger… not with Wayfair of course, but with FedEx who shipped it. For those of you who follow me on Twitter, you probably have seen the news… I get home from work and see this huge box on my porch! [insert excitement here] As I’m walking to my porch, I notice the box is not level on the ground. After further inspection, my cat is trapped UNDER this box. Literally, FedEx dropped this box ON TOP OF MY CAT. [and left it] Poor thing, there’s no telling how long he had been like that. Sure glad he is okay.

However, with that being said, improvement on the chair, huh? I’m impressed. Let’s see what my new couch looks like when it arrives.

Until then,


We Are The Marshall’s [and a smushed cat]

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