|Fall 2016:Mini|

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Just look at all that cuteness!

I have been waiting a couple of weeks for these photos, and as always, Amie Wood delivers pure perfection. [This could possibly be solely because I do have the cutest little boy ever, but I obviously have to give her some credit. 😉 jk]

My sweet baby. BABY?? Where did the time go? I’m not THAT mom that is like “OMG, my baby is a week old, how can this be?!”, Yeah, that’s not me.. Mine is almost THREE! Does it seem like he should be 8 by now? Some days, yes. Oh, can I tell you; some days it feels like it has been an eternity, and then other days I look back at pictures and realize, it really hasn’t been that long. He’s still my sweet, little Rhett.

As I was showing him these pictures, of course he was saying “That’s Rhett… Mommy… Daddy… Rhett kissing Mommy…” You get the point. He’s as sweet as pie on days and then BAM! he turns on a dime into this little demon that I can’t help but love! Haha! Moms, you know! [I will post about our Friday Night Double Date + Rhett adventure that happened recently; the demon came out!]

As the days get shorter, weather gets colder, leaves start to change and the holidays approach, I’ll cherish these little moments and realize, each year, not only does Rhett get older, Tommy & I do too! YIKES!


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