|But First, Coffee|

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After a long, productive weekend, I currently am lying in bed watching reruns of The Kitchen. Work in the morning is going to come entirely too soon; exhaustion now, exhaustion later. 

Today consisted of absolutely nothing but housework [lots of housework], homework and catching up on some shirt orders. Yes, you read that correctly, •shirt orders•!! I am finally able to kick start my Cricut adventure & branch off into the t shirt & home decor vinyl’ing business. [totally made that word up] I ordered a heat press from Amazon last week because I just wanted to expand the amount of things I could make and ultimately sell. For well under $300, I was able to make my life a little easier.

With that, my 9pm “bedtime” has now extended to almost midnight because I’ve been trying to get caught up on shirts. This super fun hobby has now transformed into a small, very small, side business that I thoroughly love. However, I foresee several cups of coffee in the morning to keep me going. 

Enjoy the joys in the upcoming week. 

xoxo, We Are The Marshall’s

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