|Friday Find: 08.26.16|

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Lately Tommy and I have been addicted to subscription services, a variety of them as a matter of fact. We’ve been using Blue Apron [which is a subscription food/meal service] and recently I signed up for Stitchfix [which is a clothing service & I’ll post a review on it when I receive it], as well as Ipsy [makeup/beauty products] and Birchbox. Birchbox is similar to the Ipsy subscription, however it provides the availability of a monthly subscription for men too! I received MY first Birchbox [Tommy’s should be coming in shortly], and I have to say… for $10.00 a month, it’s totally worth it; the element of surprise is what gets me! You fill out a style/personal profile and they deliver samples of products directly to your home. You have the option to purchase the products directly through the website if you like it. And… the box itself is obviously adorable!


I am ready for my box next month! Try it out here!


We Are the Marshall’s

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