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|Friday Find: 08.26.16|

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Lately Tommy and I have been addicted to subscription services, a variety of them as a matter of fact. We’ve been using Blue Apron [which is a subscription food/meal service] and recently I signed up for Stitchfix [which is a clothing service & I’ll post a review on it when I receive it], as well as Ipsy [makeup/beauty products] and Birchbox. Birchbox is similar to the Ipsy subscription, however it provides the availability of a monthly subscription for men too! I received MY first Birchbox [Tommy’s should be coming in shortly], and I have to say… for $10.00 a month, it’s totally worth it; the element of surprise is what gets me! You fill out a style/personal profile and they deliver samples of products directly to your home. You have the option to purchase the products directly through the website if you like it. And… the box itself is obviously adorable!


I am ready for my box next month! Try it out here!


We Are the Marshall’s

|Friday Find: 08.19.16|

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We travelled today to Broken Bow, Oklahoma to stay the weekend with a large group of friends for a birthday celebration. Being the freelance wine connoisseur that I am [insert sarcasm here], we stopped at Girls Gone Wine to try it out. Oh my! What a cute, little [but not so little] shop & bar! Free wine tasting of all of their wines [and wine-a-rita]… Super friendly staff & great atmosphere. Definitely worth the stop!

I’m more of a sweet wine drinker – not really into the dry wine – although I’ll drink it for a buzz if necessary. So, I found one of the best sweet wines I’ve tasted – Twisted Sisters! AND… Only $12.95. I will be stopping in each time I go through there.



|Day Eleven|

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I want to start this post off by first saying I am NOT a Juice+ distributor. Okay, now that we’ve got that covered. After seeing on social media for several weeks about this “10 day shred”, I wanted to see what all the hype was about. I found a ‘coach’ and tell her straight up; I don’t want to invest a ton of money in stuff that for 1) I won’t use and 2) doesn’t work. I actually already had the gummies in my cabinet at home that were given to me so I only bought the shakes and only had to pay $30 a month for 4 months; I can handle that! Long story short, basically you eat whole REAL food. August 1st was the starting date!

Here are the rules:

And here is a day by day recap of how I survived [and sometimes didn’t].

Day 1: I can do this. We can do this! I’m all for supporting each other and getting this 10 day shred started! *Fist pump* We started our morning off great; and finished with flying colors!

Day 2: I. Want. Bread. I mean, seriously, I just want to take a loaf of bread and start eating on it like the mice in Cinderella. I’m not even a bread eater but I think because I know I’m “not allowed” to have it, I am simply craving it! I keep telling myself, 8 more days. Then a lightbulb comes on, “Hey, what about kettle corn?”. I ask my ‘coach’ if it’s okay to eat and she questions the ingredients [of course she does] and low and behold, I can’t have it. But I HAVE TO! I gave in. However, I split it three ways so it really shouldn’t count, right? Guilt has already started.

Day 3: I’ve been off work the first two days of the shred, so it’s been easier for me to stay on track. Peer pressure at work can be a real bitch. But, surprisingly enough, it wasn’t. I stayed so busy that I forgot about being hungry or at least all the good stuff I wish I could eat. Cooked dinner when I got home, day three, I believe you were a breeze.

Day 4: Woke up late this morning and didn’t get to make a shake for breakfast. And guess what? Surprise, surprise, I’m starving. I call in breakfast from one of my favorite places [Peace of Bread Sandwich Shoppe], yeah, ironic huh? They made it shred approved! So good! Later, we have district wide registration at work so I get the pleasure of sitting for 6 hours. Well, I unfortunately did not come prepared for this shit; however, they provided pizza for everyone working for lunch. Obviously not shred approved. Whatever. I’m starving. Again. Guilt immediately after! Why??

Day 5: Woke up feeling great today. Almost feeling ready for this to be over with? I see the results of eating “real” food, I’m already down 4 lbs and Tommy down 9 lbs. But, I want sweet tea and bread. The urge has hit again. I failed today; I had alcohol AND pizza. I need some support to finish this. I’m not feeling it anymore.

Day 6: I did really good today again. Had to get breakfast on the go, so I ordered a sausage biscuit and just ate the sausage. The Commerce FFA Ag Co-op Rodeo was today and I was worried about ‘falling off the wagon’ with this diet. I found Tommy & I lunch at the rodeo concession that was shred approved! It’s almost over! Today I realize I haven’t been taking the gummies; it’s been since day 3. Ooops! Obviously eating right is still working! I guess I should start back my gummies! 🙂

Day 7: I’m over this. This is my attitude when I woke up today. I’m really struggling today. Being accustomed to the “convenience” of processed & fast food has spoilt me. But… I’m still over this. I never really thought 10 days would feel like forever. But I am sticking this out! Even though I’ve had a few bad days/instances, I’m finishing it. I’ve got this!

Day 8: Leftover shred approved lunch, busy day at work, and home for dinner. All shred approved. Pretty easy day today I would say.

Day 9: Don’t ask about today. DON’T ASK ABOUT TODAY. Shred diet not followed whatsoever.. Well, I drank water, does that count? Horrible. Just horrible.

Day 10: Finally. We have reached it! The End! What a roller coaster. I think that is the best description I could give you. Ups and downs, rough times and fun times. For someone that doesn’t really watch what I eat, this was tough for me. I craved all the things I couldn’t have, but I stuck with it, even if I did cheat a few times.

So… The big question… Did it work? I would say it was a success-ish. 5lbs and 3.5 total inches lost for me and 12 lbs down and 2 inches lost for my husband. Not bad for 10 days. Would we do it again? Probably, but not often. Why? It’s very restricting and I felt like I quit cold turkey on some of my go to items. If I needed to lose some weight in a time crunch would I do it? Absolutely. It does work. Eating healthy and avoiding processed foods in general will most likely [I’m not going to research for a creditable article] add years to your life. Just eat healthy folks, watch what you eat. Limit junk food. I’m not saying don’t eat it, we all indulge sometimes, it’s okay. But eating whole foods is one of the single easiest things you can do for your body and life.

Here are links to some of the recipes I made while on the shred. Check them out!

Skillet Fajitas

Chicken Avocado Lime Soup

Cilantro Lime Chicken with Avocado Salsa

Slow Cooker Sausage, Spinach & White Bean Soup

Tomato & White Bean Salad

|Friday Find: 08.12.16|

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I can never find any snacks that aren’t just completely filled with trash & have been looking for a healthier alternative. I am absolutely in love with the Good Thins Sea Salt & Pepper. I have tried all of their other flavored snacks & this is by far my fav. Around $2.00 at the grocery store and super delish!

|Monday Motivation|

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“He that walketh with wise men shall be wise: but a companion of fools shall be destroyed.”       •Proverbs 13:20


It’s been a crazy weekend and so far, a crazy Monday. I needed a pick me up and after looking through recent pictures on my phone, I find this. The epitome of friendship. Innocent, pure babies. My little baby Rhett and his friends. The adventure in their eyes and the wonder and adventure you know they are seeking. I hope this picture carries memories for them for years to come. 

My precious Rhett. Stop growing. 


We Are The Marshall’s

|Friday Find: 08.05.16|

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I am a sucker for cookware, bakeware, anything kitchen related, really. About 4 years ago I purchased a Target exclusive cookware and bakeware set from Giada De Laurentiis. I fell in love! I had been so used to using cheaper cookware and didn’t really have an appreciation for them until I found Giada, and hers wasn’t even an “expensive” set – I believe I paid around $199 for a 10 piece cookware set, and then of course I bought all of the bakeware separate. I had invested about $600 with everything that I own.

Fast forward to the saddest day; Target DISCONTINUES her stuff! 

It is now time for me to think about purchasing a new set. I want to get the same quality or better of what I currently have. I did my research and I have found this 14 piece Calphalon set at Bed, Bath & Beyond for only $299! I’ve used Calphalon in the past and it really has a great quality!


Click Here to Purchase Cookware Set

Happy Friday Friends!

We Are The Marshall’s