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Thanksgiving last year we went on vacation in Branson, MO and was offered to tour a timeshare at Big Cedar Wilderness Club just to receive our show tickets for a discounted price. We didn’t have much to do that day and thought “Why not? What would it hurt?”… We had absolutely no intentions of buying into the Bluegreen timeshare company, but my lovely husband got suckered in.. Hook, line and sinker. And just like that, in what was supposed to be a one hour tour turned into a three hour closing and us leaving timeshare owners. Although I was seriously reluctant at first, I am so excited now that we are owners. This is what got us to Vegas for a week for my birthday this year! #27inVegas

• • • •  Absolute. Best. Birthday. Ever. • • • • 

About three months before we left for Vegas I started making a list and planning all of the things I wanted to do, or at least a list for a starting point and suggestions.

Day One •

We started off with a bang. Garth Brooks & Trisha Yearwood in concert! If you ever get a chance to go see them, GO! It was the best concert I have ever been to. I didn’t even complain about the $12.00 beer!


Day Two • 

My actual birthday. Happy 27th Birthday to me! We spent the majority of this day walking around and checking things out. Sight-seeing, being the usual tourists. :] We gambled a little bit at Caesar’s Palace. Tommy didn’t do too hot on the slots, but I have to say they were pretty good to me on my birthday. We rode the roller coaster on top of the New York-New York. Kind of pricey, but it was absolutely worth it! I had so much fun!

M&M’s World, the World’s Largest Chocolate Fountain, Bellagio Fountains at dusk, the Volcano at the Mirage, Botanical Gardens and Conservatory. You name it, we saw it.


Bellagio Fountains & Botanical Garden & Conservatory:


Day Three • 

Probably my most favorite day.

We got out and ate lunch at the Rainforest Cafe then returned to the room to rest for a bit.


We did the Happy Half Hour on the High Roller at the LINQ. The highest ferris wheel in the world topping off at 550 feet! This is a must do when in Vegas as well, pay $33.00 a person before 7pm to ride this ferris wheel and have unlimited drinks in your dome while on it. It takes 30 minutes to go one complete round and if you are in a dome with few people, those drinks add up quick!

I wanted to see what all the fuss was about so of course I had to drop by the Sprinkles ATM and store. I was super disappointed that the ATM wasn’t working, but we decided to just go in and actually order like normal people. I must say… This was the absolute best ice-cream I have ever had. Definitely a must see and taste if you visit Vegas. Grab your ice-cream, cupcake, cookie or whatever you decide to purchase and sit at the fountain in the Promenade right outside the store.

IMG_0214IMG_0209     IMG_0215











After we left Sprinkles, we walked to Harrah’s and went into the Piano Bar. Karaoke night and then the Dueling Piano’s started up! My first time at a piano bar and it was an absolute blast. I can’t even describe how fun it was!


Day Four • 

We took it super easy this day. [Mainly because we were a little hungover] Rested in the hotel pretty much the entire day. We got out and ate lunch at the Tequila Restaurant in our resort and returned to the room and had massages and facials that afternoon. That evening we decided to take a stroll down Fremont Street. Oh. My. Gosh. It is definitely a must see. The people there are insane. Keep Austin Weird has nothing on Fremont Street. Absolutely Nothing!


Day Five • 

Packed up, headed to the airport and back to Texas we come. Rhett, we sure have missed you!

Back to reality tomorrow. Back to work. I’m so not ready for this, but I am so excited we got to experience Vegas!

Ready for our next vacation •• thanks to Bluegreen!


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