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The day for rest and worship. The day to be with family. The day to refuel for the week ahead. The day to love.

As we are relaxing and having a very, very lazy Sunday, Rhett is running around the house like the rambunctious two year old he is. The sound of laughter and squeals fill the house. Pure joy. [and maybe a little aggravation because I can’t hear the tv over his bellowing voice] I’m really not mad. I can’t be.

He comes running into the living room with a pair of pants that he wishes to put on, we oblige. He runs off back into his room and then back in the living room with us, this time with a onesie. He insists on putting it on. How can you not love it? Even if he looks completely ridiculous. He was so proud of the decision he made with his outfit, I hope he continues to be proud with every decision he makes as he continues to grow up and become a young man, but for now, he can stay my sweet little boy.

“This is the day the Lord has made; let us rejoice and be glad in it.” •Psalms 118:24


We Are The Marshall’s

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