|My Seven Dwarfs|

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I’ve been debating over the past week what I was going to name my new seven baby chicks. After deciding not to name them all individually, I have decided they will be named and addressed as a group now. They will be my “seven dwarfs”. Therefore I can yell out Sleepy, Happy or Doc anytime I want and hopefully at least one of them will acknowledge being addressed. 

With the addition of our seven baby chicks, we had to add on to our chicken coop. It’s nothing special, but it works out perfectly. We extended a secluded 4ft section onto our previous coop and added a small house at the top for when they were teeny tiny. Once they are big enough to be joined with the rest of the flock, we will take out the chicken wire that divides the two pens and let them all hang out. But, in all reality, we are probably going to have to add on even more! 

We enjoy being able to have fresh eggs at our fingertips everyday and soon we will be giving a hand at incubating our own eggs too! Wish us luck! 

On to the next “eggventure“. 


We Are The Marshall’s

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