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When I’m looking in to purchasing a product or service, the first thing I consider is the price, because we all know, even the greatest of things can’t make us purchase it if we cannot afford it. Secondly, I research wanted product or service and find reviews and I read and read and read. [I’m really bad about this when it comes to hotels] Getting information first hand from someone who has actually experienced the product/service is REAL. Now, with that being said, if the price is great, the reviews from customers are excellent and the Customer Service from the company just flat out sucks, you can forget that I’ll be participating.

I have to share a wonderful Customer Service experience I received this week with my Blue Apron subscription.

I’ve been a customer for over two months now and I have never had a bad experience with the quality of this product and company. I receive my weekly shipment on Tuesday of this week and I open the box and start sorting through the ingredients. While I get to the bottom section of the box which contains the freezer packs and selected meat for the week, I pick up the package of catfish in which is normally vacuumed sealed. I inspect it over for a few seconds and find the tiniest pin point hole in the package, which could have happened anytime without notice. With it being meat, and I was unsure how long this hole had been in the package I got on my Blue Apron app and emailed customer service just stating that I had never had an issue with shipping/delivery but I was basically just afraid to eat the fish since the package had been compromised and wanted to know what they could do to fix this slight, minuscule shipping issue. Within 5 minutes… For real, 5 minutes, I had an email back from Kathy with Customer Service. She sincerely apologized for the issue and stated she would talk with her shipping department to possibly rearrange the way the meat is boxed and then continued on to apologize and suggest I not eat anything else in the box that I would consider to be “in question” and that she would credit my account for the meal which happened to total to approximately $20.00. “WOW!” I thought, for one, that was a quick response, and two, I really wasn’t expecting any monetary return, I just really wanted another package of fish mailed to me! HAHA! As I’m sitting there reading this email, again… because I didn’t believe I read it right the first time, you know, surely this has to be a mistake… I was just taken aback as to how polite she was and how quickly she addressed and fixed the issue I had with the company she worked for. Then, I made an assumption [and you know what happens when you do that], that I wouldn’t receive my credit to my account for awhile. I logged into my BA account and THERE IT WAS! I had received a response from Customer Service and the issue completely satisfied within a total of 5 minutes. Customer Service doesn’t get any better than that and in today’s times it is unfortunate that GOOD Customer Service is far and few between. In the meanwhile, I’m reading and cooking one of the other meals that came in my Blue Apron box for the week – and I must say, with every great Customer Service encounter comes a great steak!

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