|It’s Easy They Said…|

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Earlier this week I received the one and only Christmas present that I will be receiving from Tommy and myself. The ONE thing I really wanted. A Cricut! Who doesn’t want a Cricut?! With me being artsy, fartsy I just HAD to have this super cool machine!

[Disclosure: I’m pretty savvy when it comes to techy things, computers and whatnot.]

I looked at videos, read reviews, and consulted with friends of mine who actually have a Cricut. “It’s easy!” is what they ALL said. So, I begged Tommy [not much had to be done, by the way] and I went ahead and ordered my Christmas present.

Monday morning arrives and it shows up on my door step and I am so eager to open it, set it up and get started! Because “it’s easy”, right? WRONG! Well, I’m saying that as a one-weeker. I’m sure the more I work with it and read more on it, the easier it will become, but the tech person in me is seriously struggling with not being able to just grasp it immediately. Why do things have to be so hard?? So, as I sat and moaned for roughly 45 minutes, I finally decided to give it up for the day. This Cricut was NOT going to defeat me.. at least not yet.

Today is Friday, and I must say, I have made some progress and I am extremely proud of myself. Some of the vinyl I had ordered from eBay arrived and I decided to play my hand at it.

Home Decor Project – CHECK! DIY Cricut Christmas Present – CHECK! [Not Pictured quite yet.. After Christmas I’ll add another post. Can’t give all my Christmas secrets away]



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