|Weekend in Denton|

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This past weekend Tommy and I had nothing planned for Saturday, so of course what is the first thing I request that we do? Let’s take Rhett to the zoo! Tommy + Zoo = Fat Chance! Although I genuinely love spending time alone at home just lounged out all day on the couch in our pajama’s watching movies, this Saturday was not the day to do that. I was ready, I wanted to do something. It’s the end of October, so what else is there to do besides go Christmas shopping? Yes, you read that right, Christmas shopping in October. This actually was a great choice to start early because me and busy, crazy shopping centers do not mix at all. The inner devil comes out in me, quickly and at full force. Naturally, whenever we leave Commerce we have to find a good restaurant to have lunch or dinner so we called Tommy’s Aunt and arranged to have lunch with her, which was actually great timing because Grandpa, and Tommy’s Aunt & Uncle from Alaska were in visiting. We met up at this great restaurant, The Prairie House, which Tommy and I always pass on our way home from a family members home, and have always said “we need to eat there one day”. Well, that one day was this past Saturday. The antique and rustic nature of this building was right up our alley, there wasn’t a place in and outside of this restaurant that was not covered in something interesting. Rhett LOVED the tractors, taxidermy, and pictures. We took a few [or several] pictures of Rhett and Grandpa at the restaurant as they “talked” about the tractors and all of the neat things they both saw.





After a great lunch with family, we loaded up again and ventured on to our early Christmas shopping. At this point, Rhett was just completely over the whole shopping thing, he slept through 8 of 9 of the stores that we went in to. We got a few family members marked off our Christmas shopping list, let’s hope they continue to stay good so Santa will deliver these presents. :]

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