|Walkway in 5 Hours|

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For real! We completely “up-scaled” our walkway to our front porch in five hours. Now mind you, this was over a course of two days because we had to make four, yes four, trips to The Home Depot to get supplies and replace our tools that kept breaking. So, for those of you who do not know the San Andreas Fault comes directly through our front yard which caused our previous walkway to just crumble.

[Note: San Andreas Fault = Blackland] It was time for an update.

How We Did It:

We dug up the old broken pavers, cleaned out the rocks and dug a level bed for the new sand and pavers to be laid.

The bad was so bad I am too embarrassed to show a before and after, you can improvise. 🙂

•My Inspiration• [from Pinterest]



•After• [in love with the outcome]


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