|Savings Catcher Caught Me|

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For over a year now I have been religiously saving money with the Wal-Mart Savings Catcher. I’ve redeemed money onto a gift card multiple times. It has worked out so well for me… until yesterday. I try to log in to look at my account and redeem a gift card, and for whatever reason it says my email is not associated with any Savings Catcher account. Um, bull corn…. Anyways, I get in touch with a Wal-Mart representative via chat and they precede to tell me that my account has been hacked and the email had been changed. So, explain to me how an email can be changed on an account without authorization from the original email account. Makes no sense to me, whatsoever. After verifying my identity with the rep from Wal-Mart he was able to change my account back to the correct email address. I log in and my Savings Catcher money has been wiped out. This person had the audacity to have MY Savings Catcher money sent to them via email, so what do I do? I send their thieving butts an email. [We won’t mention what it said] This morning when I get up and check some emails, that person ACTUALLY emailed me back! I was in complete shock; they completely admitted to stealing my money and had no intentions of returning it. It was a just a big fraudulent scheme and I fell victim. So I warn you guys, please try not to save debit or credit card information on websites, even if you think they are secure. This person could have easily gotten my information and I could have been wiped out. Although it wasn’t a large amount of money stolen, it was our money and I want it back. Wal-Mart is working on getting my money back but it has to go through the entire process and be approved for reimbursement, etc, etc, etc. It may be months, but hopefully I get my pocket change back. I’ll still save my money and protect my information as best as I can. God will remember this troubled person.

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