Month: October 2015

|Trick or Treat|

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Rhett enjoyed trick or treating today on the square in Commerce with his uncles, aunts, and cousins. Lots of candy to eat. [we may need to make a dentist appointment next week]


• Red and white striped shirt from Carter’s -$4.99

• Red toboggan from WalMart – $4.98

• Face paint for glasses from WalMart – $1.98

Easy enough, right?

Happy Halloween from The Marshall’s!

|The Wedding Isn’t Over… Yet|

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The time has come… It’s finally here… I got the initial email with some wedding pictures. The moment my computer spoke to me and said “You’ve Got Mail” – I smiled from cheek to cheek! I knew it was here! Here’s a sneak peek of what I have received. [I don’t want to flood you with repetitive wedding pictures] Amie Wood did a fan-tab-u-lous job!

Click For Pics

|Spicy Korean Chicken Wings|

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Blue Apron has yet to disappoint me. This meal has to be by far the •easiest• that I have made over the last five or six weeks that I’ve been subscribed.IMG_1345

[Click Link Here for Recipe Card] —> P-Spicy-Korean-Chicken-Wings

Doesn’t that look just absolutely delicious?? Well, it was! When I say it was super easy, it was super easy, and surprisingly quick to make. The most work was tapping my fingers on the countertop waiting for the oven timer to go off while the chicken was roasting. Total time? Probably 40 minutes, and 30 of that was cook time for chicken. Tommy and I were both skeptical about the “Bok choy and rice cakes”, but it paired perfectly with the flavors of the chicken. Obviously this meal is kid friendly, at least my kid ate it! Rhett absolutely tore the rice cakes up! [I’m pretty sure he ate more than I did] Great meal! Two thumbs up! I keep raving on and on about Blue Apron, but I have yet to find a negative within this company. It truly is worth the experience.

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|Monday Motivation|

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“If God brings you to it, He will bring you through it.” Say this to yourself as much as needed to overcome the obstacles we face on a daily basis, whether they are something as simple as what to cook for dinner, or as complex as making a career or lifestyle change. Pray to God often and keep Him close to your heart.

Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid or terrified because of them, for the LORD your God goes with you; he will never leave you nor forsake you.” – Deuteronomy 31:6 

Monday Motivation 2

|Weekend in Denton|

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This past weekend Tommy and I had nothing planned for Saturday, so of course what is the first thing I request that we do? Let’s take Rhett to the zoo! Tommy + Zoo = Fat Chance! Although I genuinely love spending time alone at home just lounged out all day on the couch in our pajama’s watching movies, this Saturday was not the day to do that. I was ready, I wanted to do something. It’s the end of October, so what else is there to do besides go Christmas shopping? Yes, you read that right, Christmas shopping in October. This actually was a great choice to start early because me and busy, crazy shopping centers do not mix at all. The inner devil comes out in me, quickly and at full force. Naturally, whenever we leave Commerce we have to find a good restaurant to have lunch or dinner so we called Tommy’s Aunt and arranged to have lunch with her, which was actually great timing because Grandpa, and Tommy’s Aunt & Uncle from Alaska were in visiting. We met up at this great restaurant, The Prairie House, which Tommy and I always pass on our way home from a family members home, and have always said “we need to eat there one day”. Well, that one day was this past Saturday. The antique and rustic nature of this building was right up our alley, there wasn’t a place in and outside of this restaurant that was not covered in something interesting. Rhett LOVED the tractors, taxidermy, and pictures. We took a few [or several] pictures of Rhett and Grandpa at the restaurant as they “talked” about the tractors and all of the neat things they both saw.





After a great lunch with family, we loaded up again and ventured on to our early Christmas shopping. At this point, Rhett was just completely over the whole shopping thing, he slept through 8 of 9 of the stores that we went in to. We got a few family members marked off our Christmas shopping list, let’s hope they continue to stay good so Santa will deliver these presents. :]

|Southern-Style Burgers with Green Tomato Chow-Chow|

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Typically, when I think of eating a burger, I’m ordering it in the drive thru of McDonald’s or Sonic…that was until I was introduced to Blue Apron. [sign up here, you won’t regret it] Now, when I think of eating a burger, I think of all the options that there truly is to make a plain burger GREAT. The first burger I cooked with Blue Apron was beyond great, it was just downright DE-LISH! It was super easy to make [as is just about everything from BA], and tasted like it come from a super high dollar restaurant that I would never be able to afford. It was that one word… you know, GOURMET! I’m pretty sure the green tomato chow-chow was my favorite part of the entire burger – the mustard seed in it was fantastic and super tasty!

 Rating: 10/10

|Commerce 4H 5K Run/Walk|

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Help support the Commerce 4H by participating in the 5K Run/Walk! 

Halloween morning on the square [Commerce, TX]

See flyer below for details! Hope to see you all there!


|Fall Family Photos|

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Although we literally got married two weeks prior to having these photos taken, I scheduled to have a fall mini session with the fabulous Amie Wood. I patiently waited for the arrival of the pictures and did not bother her for “updates” and an ETA of the pictures because I knew she would have them timely [which she did] and they would be absolutely stunning [which they are]. I decided to use these pictures as focal points for Christmas presents for our parents and grandparents. [see blog at a later date for these gifts] Here is a sneak peek of a few of the pictures she did for us. Check her website/blog out and book her for pictures! We love capturing priceless moments and laughing while doing so. We cherish memories and We Are The Marshall’s.