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One of the wedding gifts we received was a gift card to Bed, Bath & Beyond and for the longest time Tommy and I wanted to buy a Keurig, well more me than Tommy, but I’ll just throw us both under the bus, so we purchased one. It arrived yesterday on our front porch and we took advantage of it quickly… 2 cups of coffee at dinner was not one of the brightest ideas I’ve had. Midnight rolls around and I am still wide awake – and I have to be up for work at 6:00am, this isn’t going to go well. The last I remember looking at the clock it was 12:45. Oh my gosh! Eventually I doze off, but am quickly awakened by Rhett screaming – as loud as he can – for as long as he can. Poor baby is sick! Congested, head cold, upper respiratory infection, something, maybe it’s all this dang Texas ragweed and pollen that has taken over Northeast Texas, whatever it is, it’s gotten my little baby boy sick. Tommy gets up, takes him medicine and rubs his head for what seemed like forever. [he said it was about 10 minutes] Tommy crawls back in bed… 1…2… 3…. and the screaming starts again. I can’t handle it, I walk to the other end of the house and pick him up; he’s sleeping with mommy and daddy tonight, or this morning, oh wait, it is morning, and I have to get up… in like 4 hours. I. Need. Sleep. Alarm goes off at 6:00, which feels like it had only been 30 minutes when I fell back asleep. So tired, hardly any sleep. Rhett sleeps like a fish out of water. I get up, and he’s peacefully sleeping, somewhat of a snore, but with a little smirk across his face. What a turd! But he’s our turd and We are The Marshall’s.

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