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The River Walk in San Antonio, Texas is where our honeymoon was initially planned. This place was decided by Tommy and I because it was one of our favorite places to be together. Great food, drinks and views. However, what Tommy didn’t know was I changed these plans. As of July, our plans for the honeymoon to San Antonio had been replaced with a fabulous trip to the U.S. Virgin Islands! At dinner the night of our wedding rehearsal, I gave Tommy a letter and told him it was his wedding present from me. Of course with Tommy’s humor, he had to make this moment memorable. He was completely surprised! So here we go, the night of the wedding, we are headed to Dallas Fort Worth Airport because our flight leaves at 6am. Romantic night sleeping in the airport? You got it!

The time has come: WE HAVE ARRIVED!!


Words cannot describe this place. The people were incredibly welcoming, the food was amazing, and the beaches… breathtaking!

Although we were only there a short time, our time there was fantastic. We stayed at the Marriott Frenchmen’s Reef Resort in St. Thomas. We walk in and are welcomed with a complimentary Rum Punch. If you haven’t had a Rum Punch, go to the USVI and you will be greeted with one quite frequently. They are pretty tasty – and STRONG. [Disclaimer: every time you walk in the reception area of this resort, you are welcomed with a Rum Punch. Be prepared to consume alcohol.]

First stop, the beach that the resort is on. We were exhausted from the flights over, so the beach was the escape we needed. A little packed this first day, but I’m okay with it, because when I say “packed”, I mean about 7 families. It was relaxing and the water was perfect.


Sky Ride at Paradise Point was probably my favorite adventure during this entire trip to the USVI. The adrenaline was pumping because I am extremely terrified of heights and the thought of riding up the side of the mountain in a cable car made my stomach hurt. I was completely surprised once I got in the car. It was fun and the views – AMAZING. The top of the mountain featured a few shops and a bar which we stopped and had an appetizer and a few drinks. Coconut Me Crazy was our favorite. Room service for the night and we were out.



The second afternoon we took a taxi to Magen’s Beach which was a north beach on the island. It had a little tiki hut bar with snacks and drinks. After a few hours there, we headed back to the hotel.


IMG_0776                                                       IMG_0756

That evening we chose Havana Blue as our dining experience. Our one “nice” restaurant experience we chose for this trip. Nice ended up being the wrong description – it was FANCY. The food was phenomenal! Although we ended up spending $150 on our meal, yes, $150, it was totally worth every penny. When we make another trip to the USVI, this will definitely be on our list of things to do.

Some of the locals told us to take a trip on the ferry over to St. John, so the day before we had to leave, we did just that. It started raining on us while we were on our ferry ride, but we didn’t care. It was beautiful! We went straight to Trunk Bay which is in the National Park of this island. The water – I can’t even describe it – it was as clear as can be and as blue as you can imagine.

Trunk Bay, St. John, USVI

Tommy decided he wanted to snorkel right here off of the beach [pictured above] so he went to the park station and rented us snorkel gear. He was almost the professional and I was clearly a beginner. I’m sure I drank more water than I needed. Snorkeling was actually very fun. Tommy and I saw schools of fish that were colored in the prettiest whites with stripes of black.

Quickly did my fun time snorkeling change. Out of the blue, about 4-5 feet from the beach where we were snorkeling, we see this huge, and by huge I mean, like, almost 4 foot sting ray. He was HUGE! This girl, flippers and all, high stepped all the way back to the beach. Snorkeling was no longer fun for me. Ha! I cooled off a bit and decided to get back in and give it a try, after all, the sting ray had plenty of time to move on down the beach away from me. The same schools of white fish kept swimming around Tommy and I, and then I saw it… my first jellyfish – literally like 8 inches from my face. Again, my fun time was over. This time, for good. I was done snorkeling. We left the beach and went and had lunch at Driftwood Dave’s – totally recommend his chicken wings! [Just don’t inhale them, they are HOT!]

Ferry ride back to the town of Charlotte Amalie to do last minute shopping for souvenirs and funky t-shirts before dinner at Coco Joe’s. Our time in St. Thomas was coming to an end and our honeymoon was almost over. It had been a trip to remember. It was perfect!

8:00 am flight back to reality. Not ready to leave but at the same time ready to be home to see our precious Rhett. So many memories made in St.Thomas but more memories are to be made at home. These are our memories and We are The Marshall’s.

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